The complete traceability solution for tools and consumables

The need of tools traceability is one of the most common use of asset tracking and more globally of industrial geolocation.

Thanks to tags affixed on every intervention tool, to a tailored software solution and an application built in RFID tunnels or portal detectors, it is possible toidentify tools borrowed or returned by technicians and to highlight non-compliant tools for instance. It is also possible to make feedbacks on the tools conditions, to see how technicians use every tool, to see the accesses to the storage store and to find all the tools related to an intervention context (OT number, plane number…).

This way, managers can get statistics and usage rates for every tool.


A key performance indicator for your production capacity.


Optimstore considers all the use constraints in order to offer an identification and fixing solution that fits to your tools.


Ready to use solution that enables you to monitor your tools and equipment, what gives you the possibility to manage your stocks and to make 100% reliable inventories.

Industrialists are looking for tracking solutions that enable to monitor the whole production line of a product or process, and this on all the workstations. These solutions will meet the following needs for instance:

Limiter les pertes d’outils
Avoir une meilleur gestion de l’outillages et des stocks
Optimiser l’utilisation des actifs et équipements
Réduire les pertes de productivité liées à la recherche ou à des erreurs
Rester conformes aux ordres de fabrication

The FOD risk (that corresponds both to “Foreign Object Debris” and “Foreign Object Damage”) is very usual in the aeronautics industry.

It can be a damaged part that could challenge the integrity of an assembly, small foreign objects unnoticed or even a tool left after a maintenance operation.

OPTIMSTORE is the perfect tools traceability global solution with UHF RFID to respond to these issues.

To get to it, RFID tags are affixed on every intervention tool.

Metrology services and the teams that work in the aeronautics industry have to ensure a complete traceability of their tools.

They also have to face a frequent issue in the industry: the loss of tools on work sites or critical intervention areas.

These services work on devices that must be maintained with compliant and controlled tools: the technicians must be informed that their tools are operational and calibrated before using them.

So they need a traceability solution (with RFID) for all their tools, and they need it to be able to show instantly to the field technicians and managers the non-compliant tools that must not be used, and to find quickly the list of tools that were lost on intervention areas.