management of red zones classification

ED.A is a software for the management of accesses to restricted areas that relies on RFID identification to reduce incident risks. The dematerialisation of intervention processes enables to centralise the information, make the activity more reliable and see the status of zones in real time.

The management platform enables to send the plannings to the field technicians through their tablet. Classification conditions will be entered there after the RFID authentication of technicians and accesses, what guarantees the security thanks to a multiple levels of securing.

Client’s issue

In nuclear power plants, red zones are areas where there can be a high level of irradiation a some moments of the exploitation. That is why it is important to be able to know at any moment the inaccessibility status of these zones. That is to say, to know if they are classified or not.


Those zones are dangerous for people who enter them if they enter when the dosimetry if high. All those red zones are accessible via a variable number of accesses.


When a zone is classified, it means that all the accesses to this area are locked. Conversely, when a zone is unclassified, all the accesses to the area are unlocked.

Our answer to this issue

Planning and monitoring

The planning and monitoring mode will enable to plan the different classification actions and to monitor them all the way, that is to say, validating them once the intervention is over and getting access to a history as well as a data retrieval.


The application is based on a realisation of interventions in mobility thanks to an industrial tablet. The participants can look at the activity planning, and get informed about the status of the zones and their access.


The reports of the actions performed on the field are directly filled in by the participant from his industrial tablet. The ergonomics of the application was designed for the experience of the user with a smooth and intuitive navigation.


The technician works offline with an autonomous tool that does not need any internet connection to run.

Reconnecting the device to the internet enables the synchronisation of data with the web platform and the upload of the actions performed.


The solution includes the implementation of RFID tags to the zone accesses and padlocks. The implementation of RFID tags enables to secure the classification process as well as the access to the zones.


Moreover, the presence of technicians is confirmed, the identification of accesses and padlocks is required and if an access if forgotten in a classification, it will be reported. Tags are the same colour as padlocks and contain information about their nature in a storage area (manager or SRM service).

support functions

The web application RED.A includes
  • The connection/disconnection of a user
  • The management of users, technicians and filters
  • The planning of classifications/interventions on zones/filters
  • The reports of zones/filters
  • The validation of classification actions on zone/filter
  • The monitoring of the users’ actions
  • The management of the regulatory register
The RED.A TABLET app includes
  • The management of access tags
  • The management of padlock tags
  • The display of the actions to be performed during the day
  • The accomplishment of a classification action with the cartography of zones and accesses
  • The use of RFID tags to identify the padlocks and accesses
  • The taking of a picture for a classification