PGAC activities management tool

MOON is an innovative tool for the management of PGAC activity thanks to complete and differentiating features:

  • data digitalisation(especially thanks to the dematerialisation of intervention files);
  • planningand decision assistance;
  • feedback (REX) per activity to prepare future cases.

Thanks to this tool, you can get an overview of the activity, until the daily achievement of every working activity.

Management and performance measurement

MOON is compatible with the request management tool Epsilon². This facilitates the intervention planning and scheduling and the distribution of tasks per activity from the web platform.


The field technicians, equipped with a mobile device and the MOON app, can then get all the information that the buyer provided, perform the actions requested and make a report on the tool.


The manager or planner can live monitor the progress of every mission from the web platform. Once the actions are over, he can close the intervention case and validate the Epsilon² requests without any additional input.

MOON also provides with information in mobility thanks to an application compatible with Android tablets and smartphones.

This application enables:

  • the monitoring of intervention on-site;
  • the consultation of intervention cases;
  • the update of the computerised DSI;
  • the securing of information thanks to the HTTPS protocol.

An electronic document management (EDM) is accessible on all the mobile devices.


The application can run offline. In that case, the device synchronisation is done as soon as the device recovers an internet connection.