Whether you are working in the industry or in service providing,
the traceability of interventions bounds to be one of your main concern.

GEMA is a versatile traceability app that responds to everybody’s needs in your company, from the CEO to field workers, to the head of department or even your service providers.

The mobile app that is 100% customisable

Your tailored

Your company looks like no other and that’s why it needs a tailor-made tool.

Create your own GEMA by choosing only the features YOU need!

  • Management of your activity
  • Reports creation on a tablet
  • Archiving of your reports
  • Traceability of your devices thanks to RFID
  • Localisation of your devices
  • Monitoring of your performance indicators
  • Annotatable shots




RFID identification of gas bottles and flow monitoring

Nuclear logistic

As a complete tool, GEMA relies on Epsilon² exchanges to enable a management, a diffusion and a monitoring of the planning of the nuclear logistic activity.

Doors maintenance

Designed for the management on nuclear sites, and for the management of the preventive and curative.

A tool for maintenance
and activity monitoring in mobility

GEMA mobile app is paired up with a web platform, that is only dedicated to intervention planning.

It is available to managers and team leaders and enables to set up the list of actions that must be performed on the field.

Every intervention is assigned to a technician with precise instructions (necessity to take pictures, to prove that the technician performed his work thanks to the RFID function…).

Say goodbye to incomplete reports and to errors thanks to our intervention monitoring mobile app!

Thanks to fields predefined by the managers and/or team leaders, the technicians can fill in their report directly from their tablet or smartphone, even with no internet connection.

They can add pictures to their reports.

Every document is then sent to the web platform to be read and archived by managers.

Real assistance tool in mobility, GEMA enables technicians to see directly on their tablet or smartphone the tasks they have been assigned thanks to their personal account.

Getting their planning in an automatic and dematerialised way enables them to anticipate better their interventions.

Locating the equipments they have to act on, identifying the issues in advance… make interventions faster and more efficient.

The RFID scan ensures that the intervention was performed on the correct equipment. No possible mistake!

This technology enables the interventions automatic traceability, including in ATEX environment, or even with high temperatures.

The RFID scan also avoids inconveniences related to optical reading systems: your RFID chip will never be too dirty to be read!

Just like in a GMAO, you can get performance indicators (or KPI, for Key Performance Indicators) thanks to GEMA.

Define your goals and check directly from GEMA if you achieve them.